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RAW or Red Armour Whores was set up in early 2006 by amongst others, Flag ie.gif Mixu, Flag ie.gif Stev and Flag ie.gif Quetzal. It's aim was to revive the qw scene in Ireland by organising mixes most evenings and to try and introduce new players to the game. As the months went on more and more players were battling out on irish qw servers and there was 3on3 and 4on4 mixes most evenings. The Clan entered Div 6 of the European Quake League. It was tough wake up call as the team found the going tough and of some of the clans proved too much to take on depsite the unstoppable legend Flag ie.gif John_rambo's (Vinnit) efforts.

With this huge resurgence in activity for the legendary 10 year old game, word went out and before long the old skool players quickly donned their armour and grabbed their RL's from the wardrobe and were drawn back to fight some more wars once again.

The clan has now gone inactive but some RAW players have moved to two new clans: asdf and Clan tayto which are entered in NQR Season 10 season.





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