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qwdrama was a QuakeWorld community website founded in 2006 by XantoM which aimed at providing fresh news and resources to the QuakeWorld community.

The site was shut down in 2009 due to inactivity. The sister sites and an archived version of the site is now hosted at QuakeWorld.nu (thanks to Zalon).

qwdrama (archived at QW.nu)


  • Flag se.gif XantoM - founder, webmaster, lead admin & wiki sysop
  • Flag nl.gif Purity - admin & wiki admin
  • Flag fi.gif eizid - author & wiki admin
  • Flag se.gif ruskie - author & wiki admin
  • Flag lu.gif Soma - wiki admin & author
  • Flag au.gif lemike - wiki admin

Inactive/idle members


QuakeWorld Wiki

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A constant growing QuakeWorld wikipedia, currently containing 14,959 articles.


QuakeWorld GFX

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Download custom graphics for QuakeWorld: charsets, textures, crosshairs, HUD, models, skins, configs and more!



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Gamble on QuakeWorld games!


QW Schedule

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Schedule for upcoming games and QW events. Anyone can easily view, add and edit events in the schedule.

(this website is no longer available)

Website history

qwdrama v2, 2006-2007
qwdrama v3, 2007-2009