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  • Real name: Mikael Oinonen
  • Born: 1983
  • Nationality: Flag fi.gif Finnish
  • Current clan: Flag fi.gif In a Blaze

Clan history

Started online gaming in 1996. First clan to tryout ever was FPQ, Finnish Punk Quakers (leaded by the notorious BigLoader). Testmap was e1m2 even though the mod to be played was QWTF.
Flag fi.gif clan Capture Crew (TF)
Flag fi.gif Virtual Troopers (TF)
Flag fi.gif Gummybears (TF)
Flag fi.gif Eläintarha (TF)
Flag fi.gif Downfall (TF)
Flag fi.gif Knockout (TF)
Flag fi.gif Classic (TF)

Flag fi.gif Qandrane
Flag fi.gif In a Blaze


Captain of Team-Finland (QWTF)
2nd @ SM-League 2000 (Downfall)
8th @ NQR5 Division 1 (Qandrane)

Other Games & Achievements

2001-2003 Day of Defeat era
Flag fi.gif spite
Flag fi.gif Troopers
Flag fi.gif Team Finland
Flag se.gif Team Sweden

2nd Clanbase DoD Eurocup VII 2003 (spite)
1st ClanBase DoD Open Cup 2002 (no EC) (spite)
1st European Day of Defeat League 2002 (spite)
2nd Scandinavian Day of Defeat League 2002 (spite)
2nd DoD-NL -tourney 2002 (spite)
1st DoD Masters 1.0 2002 (Troopers)
3rd DoD Masters 2.0 2003 (spite)
3rd JOLT DoD League II 2002 (spite)
2nd Gamingeye.com 1on1 -cup (#1 vanillah)
1st Gamingeye.com 2on2 -cup (pairing with vanillah)
1st Clanbase Nations Cup III DoD (Team Sweden)
1st Clanbase Nations Cup IV DoD (Team Finland)
1st Clanbase DoD.fi Ladder
Captain of Team-Finland 2003-2004 Nations Cup Season

late 2003-2007 Call of Duty 1&2 and United Offensive

Flag fi.gif spite
Flag fi.gif Destination Skyline
Flag fi.gif Junk52 Theatre
Flag eu.gif Revolution
Flag fi.gif Z-Salamapartio
Flag fi.gif Bamse Company
Flag fi.gif Team Finland

1st 1st Cod.fi Cup (BamseCo)
1st 2nd Cod.fi Cup (Destination Skyline)
1st Clanbase Summercup 04 (Destination Skyline)
3rd Clanbase Open Cup Call of Duty (Destination Skyline)
1st Clanbase Call of Duty:UO CTF Ladder (Z-Salamapartio)
2nd Clanbase Nations Cup V CoD TDM (finland)
3rd Clanbase Nations Cup VI CoD TDM (finland)
1st Clanbase Call of Duty Europe ladder (3 times with spite/bc)
1st Clanbase Call of Duty Europe ladder (e-star)
1st Clanbase Call of Duty Europe ladder 3on3 (Destination Skyline)
2nd Clanbase CoD UO CTF Opencup (Revolution)
3rd Clanbase Hosted Nations Cup (CoD:UO CTF) (Finland)
3rd Level7 -LAN CoD2 Tournament (spite)
3rd Clanbase NC IX CoD2 S&D (Finland)
Captain of Team-Finland for NC IX


First person ever to win Clanbase Nations Cup for two different nations (Team Sweden and Team Finland 2002 and 2003).
One of the founding members of www.callofduty.fi and www.dayofdefeat.fi -community websites.
Community work in Clanbase Crew during the years 2002-2006, including cup supervision for various Call of Duty Eurocups, Opencups and Nations Cups.
Mod-supervisor for Call of Duty:United Offensive 2004-2005.
Played in the first Call of Duty 1 -official Clanbase game in 8th of November 2003.
Manager of Team Finlands national teams under Clanbase.
Admin of QWTF SM-League 1999 and 2000.
Head admin of Scandinavian Open QWTF League 2001.
Head admin of Scandinavian DoD League 2002.

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