QuakeWorld Duel League Season 2/Information

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Tournament system

  • Players are sorted into divisions reflecting their skill level and their performance in Season 1.
  • The tournament consists of two stages:
    • A round-robin group stage.
    • A single elimination playoff.
  • The first 8 players of each division advance to their respective playoffs.
  • The playoffs will have a 3rd place match.
  • Players have to play two matches per week.
  • Each player play eachother once in a GO3 (game of three, not best of three) in the group stage.
  • Playoff matches are BO5.


The ranking is determined by taking the following stats into account (in order):

  • Points (1 point per map win).
  • Map difference.
  • Internal fight.
  • Map difference in those internal fights.
  • Frag difference in those internal fights.
  • Total frag difference of all games.

Match procedure

Map Pool

  • dm2
  • dm4
  • dm6
  • aerowalk
  • ztndm3
  • bravado
  • TBD (voted in each division)


  • The procedure is "drop-drop-drop-drop-play-play-play".
    • /rnd player 1 2
    • Player 1 drops map 1
    • Player 2 drops map 2
    • Player 2 drops map 3
    • Player 1 drops map 4
    • Player 1 picks the first of the remaining 3 maps.
    • The losing player (meaning whoever is down in the series) picks map 2, and the last remaining map is played as map 3.
  • Each match will be three maps.


  • The procedure is "drop-drop-play-play-play-play-play".
    • The player (1) who finished higher in the regular season drops map 1.
    • The player (2) who finished lower in the regular season drops map 2.
    • Player 1 picks map 1.
    • The losing player (meaning whoever is down in the series) picks map 2, continue until the series is over.


  • All matches have a deadline (consult the division page for the dates).
  • Players should schedule matches on the Discord server and tag the admins when a time and date has been found.
  • If a player is not making any efforts to schedule a match it will be taken into consideration when a WO has to be assigned.


  • The primary driver for server selection is to find a server where the players have similar average pings (+/- 2ms) and to minimize that average.
  • The pings should be the most even for the two players and measures like cl_delay_packet or proxy rerouting to balance pings should be employed. A player with a higher average ping than their opponent on a given server may request the opponent to do this (or change server to somewhere with lower average ping).
  • Servers that are providing significant packetloss that cannot be avoided by proxy rerouting should generally be avoided unless both players agree to play there.
  • If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final and refusal to play on a server designated by neutral admins will be considered a WalkOver loss.

Server Settings

  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
  • Overtime: 3 minutes
  • Deathmatch mode: 3
  • Spawn mode: KTX2
  • Powerups: OFF
  • Discharge: ON
  • Airstep: OFF
  • Jawnmode: OFF
  • Antilag: 1 or 2
  • Fallbunny: ON
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
  • If a player requests /nospecs, the other player is obliged to comply.

Client Settings

  • Allowed clients: ezQuake 3.2.x or 3.6-alphaX, unezQuake (NA/AU)
  • Allowed ruleset: smackdown, qcon, modern2020/thunderdome (NA/AU)
  • Allowed proxies: qwfwd, Qizmo 2.91

Match Reporting

  • The winning player has to report the match in the corresponding channel on Discord.
  • A report consists of screenshots and server-side MVDs.