Qlan War Tournament 5/Information

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Tournament system

  • Teams are sorted into divisions reflecting their skill level.
  • The tournament consists of two stages:
    • A round-robin group stage.
    • A playoff.
  • Each team plays each other once in a GO3 (game of 3, not best of three) in the group stage.
  • Playoff matches are BO3.
    • Final is BO5

Team Restrictions

Teams can have as many players as they want in their roster. A player can only play for one team in each tournament, but exceptions can be made; a player can play for another team in a higher division if admins grant it. If a team wants to add a player during the regular season, admins must approve it for obvious reasons; added players must not create an imbalance in the division. In division 1 however, teams can add any player they want.

You can not add a player during playoffs, so the deadline for adding a player is BEFORE your last regular season game.


The ranking is determined by taking the following stats into account (in order):

  • Points (1 point per match win).
  • Map difference.
  • Internal fight.
  • Map difference in those internal fights.
  • Frag difference in those internal fights.
  • Total frag difference of all games.

Map Pool

  • dm2
  • dm3
  • e1m2
  • ANY map can be played (also outside the map pool) as long as both teams agree


  • The procedure is "pick-pick-play".
  • The team that wins "/cmd rnd team1 team2" pick first.
  • Each match will be three maps.


  • The procedure is "pick-pick-play-pick-pick".
    • The team that wins "/cmd rnd team1 team2" picks first.
    • If the match is not won after 3 maps have been played, the team that's down 1-2 picks the next map.
    • If the match goes to 5 maps, the other team picks the last map. (the last map cannot be a repeat of 4th map without agreement from the opposing team captain)


  • All matches have a deadline (consult the division page for the dates).
  • Teams should schedule matches on the Discord server and tag the admins when a time and date has been found.
  • Admins will then put the scheduled matches up on discord.
  • If a team is not making any efforts to schedule a match it will be taken into consideration when a WO has to be assigned.


  • The primary driver for server selection is to find a server where the teams have similar average pings (+/- 2ms) and to minimize that average.
  • The pings should be the most even for the two teams and measures like cl_delay_packet or proxy rerouting to balance pings should be employed. A team with a higher average ping than their opponent on a given server may request the opponent to do this (or change server to somewhere with lower average ping).
  • Matches must be played on EU servers.
  • The highest minping that can be required is 52ms. This may occasionally mean matches played with uneven pings where one team has high pinging players, e.g. NA players on EU server.
  • This process applies for every map played. Where lineup changes are made between maps it may become necessary to switch servers or adjust pings at the request of either team to rebalance pings.
  • Servers that are providing significant packetloss that cannot be avoided by proxy rerouting should generally be avoided unless both teams agree to play there.
  • If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final and refusal to play on a server designated by neutral admins will be considered a WalkOver loss.
  • Remember: This is primarily an EU event, so using high ping players (for example from NA) to measure the average ping for a team will not be allowed. Non EU players should adapt to EU, not the other way around (for example antilag). However, EU players should be as gentle and forthcoming as possible towards high ping players.

Server Settings

  • Timelimit: 20 minutes
  • Overtime: 5 minutes
  • Deathmatch mode: 1
  • Teamplay mode: 2
  • Spawn mode: KTX2
  • Powerups: ON
  • Discharge: ON
  • Airstep: OFF
  • Jawnmode: OFF
  • Antilag: 2 (if teams agree on another setting antilag can be changed)
  • Fallbunny: ON
  • Teamoverlay: OFF
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
  • If a team requests /nospecs, the other team is obliged to comply.

Client Settings

  • Allowed clients: ezQuake 3.2.x or 3.6-alphaX
  • Allowed ruleset: smackdown, qcon
  • Allowed proxies: qwfwd, Qizmo 2.91

Match Reporting

  • The captain of the team that wins has to report the match in the #reports channel on Discord.
  • A report consists of screenshots and server-side MVDs.