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Time Thursday (2/3) Friday (3/3) Saturday (4/3) Sunday (5/3)
09:00 4on4 signup close
10:00 4on4 RO16bo3
11:00 1on1 signup close Network down
12:00 Gates open 1on1 RO64bo3 4on4 RO8bo3 Gates close
13:00 4on4 RO4#1bo3
14:00 4on4 RO4#2bo3
15:00 1on1 RO32bo3 4on4 Finalbo3
16:00 1on1 RO8bo5
17:00 Group Selection + 1on1 RO16bo3
19:00 2on2 signup close
20:00 2on2 RO32bo3 2on2 RO4#1bo5 1on1 RO4#1bo5
21:00 2on2 RO4#2bo5 1on1 RO4#2bo5
22:00 2on2 RO16bo3 2on2 Bronzebo5 1on1 Bronzebo5
23:00 2on2 RO8bo3 2on2 Finalbo5 1on1 Finalsbo5
24:00 Party


  • Dates: Thursday 2 March (12:00) - Sunday 5 March (12:00), 2017.
  • Place: Fredrika Bremer-gymnasiet in Haninge, Stockholm
  • Entrance fee: Prepaid: 250 SEK, At the entrance: 300 SEK, Day pass: 50 SEK.
  • Tournaments: Quakeworld 1on1 & 2on2 and 4on4. See tabs above.
  • Internet connection: 800Mbit shared.
  • Spectator area: "The pit" has about 70 seats.
  • Casters desk: Tastyspleen.tv and sdTV will be covering the event on site, with Jehar & Andeh casting.
  • Monitors for rental: We have up to 40 Eizo FG2421 at our disposal, let us know on beforehand if you need one.
  • Computers for rental: Hazard has a great number of Intel Xeon W3520, 6GB ram, 160 GB SSD, Geforce Quadro FX1800.
  • Sleeping halls: There are lots and lots of classrooms we can use so there are more than enough room. If you have trouble bringing sleeping gear talk to us and we'll work something out.
  • Kiosk: Low-end 24h kiosk. Price examples: soda 8, pirogue 10, toast 6. SEK. Cash only. There's also a mall, restaurants and supermarkets at less than 10 minutes walking distance from the lan.
  • Alcohol/drugs: Are forbidden in the school. Crew members can deny entrance to persons under influence of the beforementioned.
  • Contact: Every player must join and be available on the QHLAN Discord server. Most information spreading will go through here.