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Calls himself 'Pedro' because "EA|Acheron" once said he looked mexican.
Trying Quakeworld since '02 - Thanks "Flowtech-res"

  • Real name: Daniel Theis
  • Born: 01.06.1984 in Kassel (Northern Hessen, Central Germany)
  • Nationality: Flag de.gifFlag es.gif German-Hispanic
  • Current clan: "Team Bday", ty Soma

Clan history


1. Mr. T Double..
2. Beeing The funkiest mexican on the Planet..
3. Always talking s**t


1. <@pedRO> but .hitler was from .au :)
2. <@pedro> 123 <@pedro> weist du was das witzige is <@jogi_> das wirklich witzige ist <@jogi_> dein shaft is besser als 97% der leute aus deutschland <@jogi_> trotzdem verlierst du zu 99.5% gegen jeden

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