Nothin' But Fuckin' Scum

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Defunct Australian clan.


After deciding to create their first clan but being unable to decide on a name, Scum and psylex went on their regular journey, hitting the streets to serve up their own flavour of suburban justice. Encountering their criminal arch-nemesis, the two heroes prevailed and left the scene hearing the now infamous cry, "Ya nothin' but fuckin' scum!". In one moment, both a clan and a philosophy were born.

Members were selectively recruited by the pair and were immediately expected to cause chaos on servers and websites - in general, be as unpleasant as possible. Soon, with the addition of ^Jesus^, the clan would gain a speck of talent. 4on4s were fought and rarely won, except on odd occasions or when one of the members was able to talk a prominent national player into slutting for them.

Finally NBFS disbanded when Scum quit QuakeWorld in around 2000. Remaining members either joined existing or started new clans.




  • Arguably one of the most annoying clans in Australian history.


  • "Hail to the King, baby!"
  • "I hope ya fuckin' parents are home!"


  • Known for their diehard promotion of Wart's LAN on Australian servers.
  • Often had notable Australian players play in 4on4s for them under real members nicks.