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brief introduction


MM! started around 2002, spoque and billie wanted to form a div2 clan, but things went unexpected, superstar exile joined us and primus, javve followed, so that made !MM! div1. Raket, et, magma and killis joined up later and some days before NQR4, inex, insane and kosa joined, this made !MM! a very strong div1 team, we played NQR became 8th (bl:<) and all the superstars left and !MM! was dead :). Spoque and sargon wanted a stable div2 team and decided to give it one more try to form one and we made !MM! live again. At first we played with lineup: eternal, canius, spoque, sargon, then eternal went to 4k and we lost our Q runner, ET and clean joined later, now we are ready to rape?.


  • Founded: 2003 by Spoque
  • Nationality: Flag eu.gif European
  • Clan prefix: !mm!
  • IRC channel: #? (QuakeNet)


Former members