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The fourth season of the Ignition tournament was started on 7th of November 2011 to allow new players get into the game under fun and fair circumstances. The Ignition tournament had been idle for three years when Åke Vader, Pleuraxeraphim and Johnny_cz decided to fire up a new season.

A difference compared to previous seasons was that two different tournaments were hosted; one for complete rookies and one for slightly more experienced rookies who might come from related games like Quake Live, Painkiller or Warsow. The reason for the split was to avoid the new players turn in the door when they have to face a player with a too big knowledge advantage.

Original statement from the Ignition 4 site:

It's time for another edition of the famous Ignition rookie tournament for the first-person-shooter game QuakeWorld (QW) which was developed by ID Software in 1996. Since back then, the game has been maintained, polished and played by thousands of players throughout the years and there is still a very active player base competing for the fun and honor in QuakeWorld. The goal of the Ignition tournament is to introduce new players to this game under fun and fair, yet competitive conditions.

The tournament format is 1on1 deathmatch in a double-elimination bracket playoff and the matches will be played on the maps Aerowalk, ZTNDM3, VDM3V3, Hate and Skull in best of three maps series. The tournament will last between 7th November and 20th December 2011 with matches scheduled in specific weeks - you agree with your opponent on when to play - rather than on a set date to allow for flexibility for players.

You can get started with QuakeWorld today by downloading nQuake which is a quick-starter pack that includes everything you need to play QuakeWorld and participate in this tournament. The nQuake pack is based off of the Quake shareware version and thus only includes the maps from the first episode and custom maps. If one wants to play the classic DM maps, then the pak1.pak that can be found on your original Quake CD is required.

Questions on the tournament or the game overall can be asked in the comments to this news item or by taking advantage of the friendly community on QuakeWorld.nu.

We hope that the tournament will see many rookies signed up and we encourage current established players to tell their friends to sign up for this frag fest! (bear in mind that we have a strict rookies-only policy though)

- Åke Vader 23rd October, 2011



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