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Ginzberg, pronounced "ghinzberg" and not "jinzberg".
Also known as "gnz", which is pronounced "ghinz" and not "gee enn zee".
Not the same person as the Swedish QW/CPMA player GNZ

  • Nationality: Flag us.gif American

Clan history


  • 1st USQW 4v4 Draft League Season 1

Team Serpenteam! over Team We Don't Have One

  • 1st America - Thunderdome 11

Win over Sooint

  • 2nd America - Thunderdome 10

Loss to blahblah (x1bot was disqualified)

  • 1st America Regular - Thunderdome 2

Win over Genie


"have fun fun" "pov?" "aero?"

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