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Summary of Rules

This tournament consist of

  • 2 vs 2 team games, with deathmatch 3 settings, 10 minute matches, teamoverlay off
  • Teams can have 2 or 3 players (lineups can be changed for each game/map)
  • Game rounds are played in Best of 3 games (BO3) competitive system by default
  • Map pool is DM4, DM2, Aerowalk, ZTNDM3, DM6, by default
  • Tournament overall competitive system is Group Phase (one round only) + Bracket phase (Upper and Lower bracket), for everyone (3 or 4 games minimum)
  • Teams will be assigned competitive divisions and groups accordingly to number of signups
  • Agreement with teams is accepted to choose between Maps to be played, BO3 or BO5 competitive system, map picking procedure, game duration, replacing a missing player, or handicap.
  • For each game players should use their signed up nicks and team names and add as matchtag 2on2 tournament
  • Signups are made in forum thread:
  • Game reports will be made at on Discord, by contacting admins and providing DEMOS from each map in a .zip-file.
  • Tournament competitive organization, game schedule, will be available at the new Quakeworld WIKI page, at:
  • Expected duration of tournament is 6-8 weeks.
  • Possibility of replacing a player is open if every player/team in the competition group agrees plus the admins.

Tournament system

  • Group phase (BO3)
    • Round robin groups of 4, all teams play eachother.
    • Top 2 in each group goes into Upper Bracket.
    • Bottom 2 in each group goes into Lower Bracket.
    • Teams on equal points will be separated by: 1) direct confrontation, 2) most frags made.
  • Bracket phase (BO5)
    • Single elemination bracket.
    • Third place deciders will be played.

Map pool

  • Claustrophobolis (dm2)
  • The Bad Place (dm4)
  • The Dark Zone (dm6)
  • Aerowalk
  • Blood Run (ztndm3)

Teams can pick other map’s if both agree.

Signing up

  • Signups are made at the announcement of the tournament thread at
  • Teams should indicate: Team name and team short nick, Player’s nick, Country of players, Email and optional but advisable discord nick

Team Restrictions

  • Player limit of: 3 players per team
  • Addition/Swap is alowed per game if opponent team agrees, and per season if all teams agree plus the admins.
  • A player can only play in 1 team at the same time
  • Teams can not add new player once group phase is over
  • Players should use the nick they used for signup, aswell as team name
  • All players have to be approved by an admin

The player limit is added to increase activity on the scene.

Seedings Players will be seeded to fit: 1) a division where skill level should be the most nearest possible, 2) in groups inside the divisions were skill level should be distributed the most possible, and 3) in bracket phase were the same criteria from phase group will be applied.

Timeframe All matches will have a deadline and teams should be active in communicating with each other and schedule their game. If a team is idling and don’t make an effort to produce the game, will have the game lost as a Walk Over (WO).

Match procedure

  • After signup you should check the tournament wiki page to learn your division, and your group, aswell as timeframe for games to be held.
  • After that you should contact the team you are playing against with, by: 1) talking to players in the servers, 22) via email,or 3) via discord, in order to:
  • Define a date and hour for the game to be held;
  • Choose a server or servers for the games to be held, including procedures for the games to be fair (see ping rules);
  • On the time of the game teams can make security checks about allowed clients, rulesets, models or scripts (see allowed clients and rulesets).
  • Teams should set their names and also set a tag to the game, typing on console 2on2 Tournament (or get2gether), server settings should be also defined to comply with tournament rules (see server rules).
  • Should make the selection of the team to pick first map, and select the map:
  • First map is decided by coin toss (/cmd rnd Team1 Team2)
  • The winner of the coin toss decides who picks first
  • If a decider map is needed the team that picked last, toss first. No map can be played more than once.
  • After the game the winning team should report the game with final map scores screenshots on the tournament thread (see match reporting).
  • After that teams should look to their current standings in the tournament main Wiki, and repeat the process of making the next game.


  • Choice of server should be suitable for both teams
  • Matches must be played on the servers of the continent were the competition is being held.
  • Non-European teams should play their games on NL or UK servers, as it's the best-worse for them.
  • The team A with highest average ping can require the other team B to ping up to the level of team A's lowest pinging player. Only the best possible ping is accounted for. Using delay packet or rerouting to raise the ping of the lowest pinging player in order to force the other team to ping up more is NOT allowed and will be punished.
  • The maximum minping that can be required is 52ms.
  • Is its impossible to get a server fair pings for each teams (<=15ms), players can interchange between servers to make a fair game or increase the game communication latency with cl_delay_packet command to make the games the most fair possible.

If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final.

Server Settings

  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
  • Overtime: 3 minutes if match is a draw
  • Deathmatch mode: 3
  • Teamplay mode: 2
  • Spawn mode: Either KTX/KTX2 Respawns or KTPro Spawn is to be selected
  • Powerups: ON on DM2, Aerowalk and ZTNDM3 only. OFF on DM4 and DM6
  • Discharge: ON
  • FPS: A max of 77 fps is allowed.
  • KFjump: Toggled OFF (command = tkfjump)
  • Airstep: OFF
  • Jawnmode: OFF
  • Antilag (or equivalent): ON (unless both teams agree to play without it.)
  • Fallbunny: ON (if server allows)
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.

These should be the basic 2on2 settings on all modern servers, but make sure to check.

Spectators If a team requests nospecs-mode, the other team are obliged to comply.

Match Reporting

  • The team that won a match should report the match.
  • In order for a match to be valid you'll need to have demos from each played map, and placed in a .zip-file, named <>.
  • Reports should be made by contacting an admin on discord and send the .zip-file.
  • Highlight an admin in #Get2Gether, and just post the .zip. or send a message to one.

Scores and ranking

Points in Group Stage

  • On a BO3 game 1 point per map win
  • On a BO5 game 0.5 point per map win + 0.5 point to the winner team


  • Walkovers are 2 pts and +150 frags
  • The team giving out a WO might be further punished with points deduction if they did not try (or refused) to play their opponent.

To make it as fair as possible in these kind of situations, admins will look into which solution is best in every case.

Allowed clients Open source clients (with source code publicly availible on Internet) that have equivalent checks/restrictions of ezQuake's:

Allowed rulesets

  • ezQuake: smackdown, thunderdome or qcon
  • FodQuake: eql
  • FTWQW: nqr

Players should do f_ruleset checks before gamestart.

  • For routing, Qizmo 2.91 is allowed, prefered method is however the newQWfwd proxy

Using disallowed clients/proxies might lead to points deduction or even a WO.

Scripting and cheats


  • cl_fakeshaft (only mentioned here as it used to be forbidden)
  • Different enemy skins

NOT allowed

  • movementscripts (ezquake: cl_idrive must be OFF)
  • kfjump
  • custom rocketjump scripts
  • Any other kind of movement scripts
  • Teamoverlay
  • Automated teamsays
  • Different enemy skins
  • Radar
  • Skin changing depending on health/armour/weapon
  • Custom models not allowed by f_modified
  • Any kind of cheat (wallhack, aimbot, timers etc.)
  • Hacked clients (that disobeys one or more of the EQL rules)
  • Coaching, (timing quad and other items, relaying enemy positions and giving teamplay suggestions)

Failure to follow these restrictions can result in the player or team receiving harsh penalties such as a timed or permanent ban from EQL.

Warnings and disqualification

  • 2 warnings will result in disqualification

To retain order in the league and prevent teams from cheating effectively we may issue warnings to teams if they misbehave in some way.

Other offences

  • Having one or several players intentionally drop from server during a game without replacing them
  • Playing in more than one team, or playing under someone else's name in another team (mercing)
  • Fakenicking to get into a division where you don't belong

Most of these cases result in direct disqualification of the player (and in some cases the whole team) and a ban of atleast 1 season.

Server problems

  • The current map should be played to the end, no matter the servers condition
  • Admins will decide if a map should be replayed on another server

If a server gives 2 or more spikes that result in 100% packetloss for all players for more that 10seconds, the map should be replayed on another server if the teams does not agree to the score/situation.

Tournament admins The admins are there to help you, so if you ever need our assistance or have any questions, you can find us in Discord the channel #Quakeworld, or by email to: . Admins can change/fix rules if problems occur.

The get2gether tournament rules are based in EQL and Thunderdome rules aswell as previously tournament rules like NQR, Challenge-Smackdown. Admins can change/fix rules if problems occur.