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[e][h]The Haunted Halls
E3m7tdm RL fort.png
Id Software (Modified by Poland QurneL)

The Haunted Halls is the seventh level of The Netherworld. The map is the secret map of this episode. The level is unique in its design and very tight. 2 quads, 2 RLs and a Penta make sure it is a fragfeast in multiplayer.

The TDM version of this single player map was made to make it more "playable" for 4on4, making a maplock not so evil. The original version had no escape of a maplock so in this version the teleporters are connected at "Start" and "Exit" and there is a way from GL-room to the path between Tower-RL and RA. Also the Quad at "Exit-Room" is moved to the other side of the lava pit, for easier access to it from the other side and the teleporter there.