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Chilling Spree is a deathmatch mod for Quakeworld that focuses on user friendliness and lots of game modes to try out. It is intended for having fun playing Quakeworld with new twists of the game instead of playing the same three modes all the time.

Lots of work has been made to create a whole new structure of deathmatch modding, it is in fact rewritten from the ground up and has its unique style.
With a load of new features like GUI system, server side bot support and heapless of game modes it is intended to be a casual mod that you can use to "just have fun"(tm).

It was released as beta on the 1st January 2017.


Main Menu using AfterQuake
  • 14 gamemodes, of which 9 never seen on QuakeWorld!
  • Server side antilag making it more precise and client independent
  • Server side bot support, Frikbot based
  • Many new options, like loadouts, starting armor, etc. Tweakable game items and weapons for server admins.
  • Written from scratch by Molgrum, enhanced by Spike and bugfixed by Molgrum yet again
  • GUI menu instead of CLI based, but also supports legacy commands for those that want to use it
  • Upcoming stuff like CSQC which will enhance GUI experience

Game modes

  • HeadHunters
    • get the most heads you can! /cl_gibfilter 0 to see heads
  • King of the hill
    • be the last one surviving the ffa match
  • Kill the King
    • FFA style, kill whoever is leading
  • Last Man Standing
    • be the last team to survive, round based
  • Domination
    • capture points and secure areas, team based
  • Rover
    • capture actual players into you team and be the team last surviving
  • Duel Arena
    • Round based dmm4 duel.

And of course the normal game modes, like duel, 2on2, 4on4.

Requirements and how to use

Client requirements: EzQuake 3.0 or FTE. A client just has to find a CPREE server and connect. Everything needed will be automatically downloaded for you. Alternatively, you can download this .pk3 and place it on your /qw folder.

Server Requirements: Extensive usage of FTE extensions makes FTE server the only viable option. Ask the crew for a server package.


  • Rulemaker

The rulemaker is the only player that can change all the options in the GUI menu. Anyone can apply to be the the rulemaker by typing /rulemaker in the console. All the other players that aren't the rulemaker can just watch, and when ready, jump around the map until the countdown starts.

  • Loadouts

The items that the players spawn with. A combination of loadouts can be chosen from the menu, for example sg+gl. Can also be powerups.

  • Past Matches

The past matches played on the server will be displayed here. You can download the demos from the menu. The server also keeps track of your performance, like frags.

  • Matchless gametypes

Some gametypes are matchless, which means anyone can join the server and play while a game is in progress.

Development stage and technical aspects

See Github project page for technical infomation and status updates.

Current status

Needs testing, extensively.

How to contribute

Reach Spike on IRC #gmapn or Molgrum at Discord. Molgrum takes bug reports and flaws, Spike can help with server issues and is responsible for FTESV.
Please give coordinates of domination capture points, flag and spawn positions on CTF and altar position in head hunters. You can also open a ticket at the project homepage.


Chilling Spree CVARS

Game mode CVARS

g_game_rounds 5 // number of rounds for this mode
g_minplayers 0 // minimum number of players for this game mode
g_maxplayers 12 // maximum number of players for this game mode
g_minteamsize 0 // minimum number of players in each team for game to start
g_maxteamsize 4 // maximum number of players in each team for game to start
g_hook_enabled 0 // CTF hook, only enabled in CTF but can be bypassed
g_game_selfdamage 1 // how much damage is dealt to the attacker when hurting yourself
g_game_teamdamage 1 // friendly fire
g_game_teamdamage_reflect 0 // damage dealt to teamkillers
g_ctf_returntime 20 // how long the flag stays when dropped
g_ctf_returnscore 0 // points rewarded when returning your own flag
g_ctf_grabscore 0 // grab enemy flag frag score
g_ctf_capturescore 10 // frags awarded when capturing enemy flag
g_headhunters_maxheads 5 // number of heads you can carry
g_g_freezetag_thawtime 3 // thawing time in ftag
g_freezetag_thawinplace 0 // dunno
g_domination_capturetime 5 // time in seconds to capture a domination area
g_domination_pointinterval 5 // ???
g_domination_cap 15 // frags awarded for capturing an area
g_domination_capassist 10 // frags awarded for assisting a capture
g_domination_defense 10 // frags awarded for defending an area


g_noweapon "gl" // DMM4 disabled weapons, end has "gl lg"


g_powerups_enabled 1 // enable powerups or disable, also a map cvar
g_overtime 3 // overtime for this DMM
g_noitems 0 // Stacked limited can set this to 1 to disable item pickups

Server side

These are for server admins only:

g_info_hostname "foppa.dk #1" // will set hostname to foppa.dh #1 CSPREE
// Hostname will be set to reflect location of server
g_info_city "Copenhagen"
g_info_state ""
g_info_country "Denmark"
g_allowedmodes "" // string separated by spaces of modes allowed, can be a mix of: 
g_allowbots 0 // integer 0 or 1 for false and true
g_game_lockrules 0 // lockrules makes setting rules in the menu disabled
g_game_mode "duel" // default mode for the server
g_game_loadout 0 // default loadout, AXE + SG default
g_game_clientlimit 12 // number of players allowed
g_game_botskill 0 // bot skill, can be set to higher numbers than 1
g_game_record 1 // record mvd of matches
g_game_itemtimers 1 // timers on items to display when they respawn, probably does nothing as of now
g_maprotation "" // maps to be rotated, if null enable map voting
g_armor_accumulate 0 // quake live plagiarism
g_armor1_absorb 0.30 // GA absorbtion rate
g_armor1_amount 100 // GA amount
g_armor2_aborb 0.60 // YA absorbtion rate
g_armor2_amount 150 // YA amount
g_armor3_absorb 0.8 // YA absorbtion rate
g_armor3_amount 200 // RA amount
g_axe_new 0 // some new axe functionality to make it easier to hit
g_axe_damage 20 // axe damage per hit
g_axe_push 1.0 // factor for pushback
g_axe_push_frozen 3.0 // factor for pushback on frozen players
g_axe_reload 0.5 // axe reload time in seconds
g_bullet_damage 3.0 // damage per bullet with shotguns
g_bullet_push 1.0 // pushback for bullets
g_bullet_spread 1 // new shotgun spread, leave at 1 for now
g_entities_rotatefix 1 // rotate entities that have angles set
g_prewar_countdown 10 // countdown from ready to game start
g_forcestart_countdown 30 // time that players can ready up before getting kicked
g_game_gibthreshhold -40 // Health to be gibbed, except head hunters where every kill is a gib
g_game_cpmajump 0 // try it with airstep
g_game_fairpacks 0 // ktpro stuff, 2 drops current weapon only when firing it
g_game_fastlifts 0 // ???
g_game_fastswitch 1 / ???
g_game_nailrecoil 0 // air recoil from nailguns making certain jumps possible
g_game_newwalk 0 // animation stuff, aesthetics
g_game_visiblepacks 0 // weapons contained in pack visible
g_game_exittele 0 // exits are transformed to teleports to start on level
g_grenade_aim_new 0 // set to 1 when experimenting with minpitch/maxpitch 89
g_grenade_aim_norandom 1 // grenades non-random fire origin
g_grenade_damage 120 // gl damage
g_grenade_push 1.0 // gl pushback
g_grenade_reload 0,6 // gl reload time
g_grenade_velocity 600 // grenade velocity
g_laser_damage 15 // laser trap damage
g_laser_push 1,0 // laser pushback
g_lightning_damage 30 // lg damage per cell, might lower this with antilag 1
g_lightning_push 1.0 // pushback from lg
g_lightning_reload 0.2 // reload per cell
g_respawn_ammo 30 // seconds between ammo respawns
g_respawn_armor 20 // armor respawn time
g_respawn_health 20 // health respawn time
g_respawn_mega 20 // respawn times for mega
g_respawn_pent 300 // pentagram respawn, on dm5 could be set to 60
g_respawn_ring 300 // ring respawn, on dm6 could be set to 60
g_respawn_suit 60 // unused in deathmatch
g_respawn_quad 60 // quad respawn, one minute
g_respawn_weapon_dmm1 30 // respawn for weapons in dmm1, seconds
g_respawn_weapon_dmm2 5 // respan for weapons in dmm2, seconds
g_rocket_damage 110 // rl damage
g_rocket_push 1.0 // rl pushback
g_rocket_reload 0.8 // rl reload time in seconds
g_rocket_velocity 1000 // rocket velocity
g_coilgun_reload 0.7 // reload for coilgun
g_shotgun_reload 0.5 // boomstick reload
g_shotgun_spread 0.005 // boomstick spread
g_shotgun2_reload 0.7 // buckshot reload
g_shotgun2_spread 0.015 // buckshot spread
g_spawn_drop 0 // drop deathmatch spawns to be adjacent to floor
g_spawn_mode 1 // fair spawns or competitive, fair spawns gives more breathing room by not allowing too many spawns on the same spot
g_spawn_telefrag 1 // telefrag mercilessl
g_spike_damage 9 // ng damage
g_spike_push 1.0 // ng pushback
g_spike_velocity 1000 // emulate fastnails by setting to 2000
g_spike2_damage 18 // sng damage
g_spike2_push 1.0 // sng pushback
g_spike2_velocity 1000 // emulate fastnails by setting to 2000
g_teleport_angles 0 // experimental stuff, leave at 0
g_teleport_entities 0 // teleport rockets and stuff too
g_teleport_velocity 0 // preserve player velocity through teleports
g_runtests 0 // QA stuff to test the mod, leave at 0
g_rail 0 // railgun enabled
g_rail_damage 110 // railgun damage
g_rail_push 1.0 // railgun pushback
g_rail_reload 0.8 // railgun reload in seconds
g_dmm5_shells 30 // dmm5 ammo caps
g_dmm5_nails 70 // dmm5 ammo caps
g_dmm5_rockets 20 // dmm5 ammo caps
g_dmm5_cells 50 // dmm5 ammo caps

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