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Hates CS and will play anyone, even if it means a 60 - 0 rape!


  • Real name: Fredrik Andersson
  • Date of birth: 1982
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: Flag se.gif Immortals
  • First spawned: 1997
  • Colors:   0     0  
  • Map: dm2

Clan history


  • Once gave his brother a fat lip, using a golf putter.
  • Once gave a friend a fat lip, using a telephone book. (He already had stitches from surgery.. good stuff)
  • Once farted loud enough to make an acoustic guitar sound.
  • Div 12 winner of QWDL season 2.
  • Winner of Salvation Season2 Div2 with team Carapace2


  • "GL FU!"
  • "Bra move!"

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