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Compiling on Linux/Unix'

1. Install Git and make from your distributions package manager

2. Get the sources by typing these to your command line:

  git clone mvdsv
git clone ktx
git clone qtv
git clone qwfwd

3. Compile stuff:

  - MVDSV:
cd into mvdsv/build/make
type ./configure
type make
see if there is a freshly baked MVDSV executable named mvdsv (surprise?) in the same directory
- KTX:
cd into ktx
type ./configure
type make dl (or make dl32 if you have compile problems on 64bit system)
congratulate yourself on a succesful compile if a file named appeared into KTX's source directory
- QTV:
cd into qtv
type make
sing "Happy Happy Joy Joy" if there is a file named qtv.bin in the directory you just changed to
cd into qwfwd
type ./configure
type make
celebrate like it's your birthday if you see qwfwd.bin in the same directory you typed the commands in