Camera Guide

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This is a list of things you should do if you are a Qizmo camera broadcasting a match to other QuakeWorld users who would like to observe the match through your Qizmo connection.

  • Change your nick so that it contains "cam" substring and a name of the server where the Qizmo you are connected to is. Example: "cam-dybbuk"
  • Turn on /moreinfo command
  • Consider not using /autotrack command as it switches views too often and bind "next_best" command to some easily accesible key, like space. If you have good knowledge of the gameplay, bind "track 1", ... "track 8" commands to keys and switch tracked players manually.
  • Go to Qizmo menu, demo recording -> demo -> get pings, set it to "always"
  • For duels turn on +wp_stats
  • Make sure you are using good cl_maxfps (or cl_physfps) and rate settings, other users are affected by the quality of connection between Qizmo and the server you are connected to. Recommended: cl_maxfps and cl_physfps both 0, rate 14000