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Australian player ranking in the Top 10 duelers in the country throughout 1996-2000.

Known for dominating Free For Alls in lightning fast speed (completely owned NickSTAR) and playing both very aggressive and very defensive duels.

Started back in Quake's origins on the TiG servers, later followed by iHUG where pings of under 200 were classified as 'Super Speed!'. Attended the original Sydney Gamers League among other LANS and hosted lan events for iHUG players.

Original name of is still well known amongst those still playing. Name changed later to Brunowa which is still used today in the QuakeLive scene.

Brunowa returned to Quakeworld in 2012 and reinvigorated the Australian QW scene by establishing the framework for QW tournies to take place on Public Holidays, tapping into fresh players from the QuakeLive community at 4SeasonsGaming.


1996-2002 & 2012-2013: Quakeworld

1997-1998: Quake 2

1999-2002: Quake 3

2011-2013: QuakeLive

  • Also known as:
  • Nationality: Flag au.gif Australian
  • Current clan: Flag au.gif none
  • Colors:  12   12 

Clan history

  • BUC / Buccaneers
  • MKK / Massive Killing Kapacity






  • "Hey baby, wanna play with my boomstick!"