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Airstep is a change in the original QuakeWorld physics that allows players perform jumps that start or end on stairs without losing all the speed.


  • In original QW physics if you walk towards stairs and do a jump that lands you on the stairs, usually you will lose all the speed you have. Airstep prevents this.
  • In original QW it's almost impossible to start jumping while walking up the stairs. Airstep allows you to do such a jump.
  • Airstep does drop your speed though, so it's practically impossible to do a continuous Bunny Hopping through the stairs.


On most servers Airstep can be enabled with command /airstep. Majority of current servers support that command. Airstep has been added to KTX around May 2007, server-side command pm_airstep was added into MVDSV around April 2007.


Situations where Airstep plays an important (and criticised) role

  • dm3, stairs near SNG area: high-skilled players are able to move from lifts-below area through SNG area, ending their run at SNG-tele, using continuous Bunny Hopping. The trick to do so is to land precisely at the first stairs in a specific way that doesn't block you; Airstep would remove advantage of mastering this skill
  • dm6, stairs in ra-tunnel: when jumping from mega-tunnel, it is possible to land on those stairs in a way that allows you to continue Bunny Hopping, further to the ra area, therefore make your attack faster; Airstep removes the need to master the skill of landing on the stairs properly, it will make you always continue Bunny Hopping

Tournaments with Airstep

Airstep has been used in the Kenya tournament series, for example in Double Tuesday Kenya it has been used "on maps with bad stairs design".