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Player introduction

   * Real name: Adrian Walach
   * Born: 1989
   * Nationality: Flag de.gif Polish / German
   * Also known as: Adrianek
   * Current clan: Flag eu.gif Logitech 
Clan history


   * Flag eu.gif dYnasty Gaming


   * Flag se.gif Logitech.UVM


   * Flag fi.gif eKcelance.ATi
   * Flag se.gif Logitech.UVM


   * Flag de.gif #advance Gamers united


   * Flag de.gif *Star aiming.
   * Flag de.gif *SaberLegends. 


   * Flag pl.gif [bwd] 


   * Flag eu.gif Logitech.UVM


   * Flag se.gif Fnatic
   * Flag de.gif EssiX
   * Flag pl.gif [SPQR] 
   * Flag eu.gif Logitech.Uvm


   * Flag eu.gif Logitech.Uvm
  • Flag pl.gif Silver Medal EQ2L team: WeDream
  • Flag de.gif ESL Top2 JK2
  • Flag de.gif ESL Top1 JKA *aiming.
  • Flag pl.gif Top4 Fifa 2006 [SPQR]
  • Flag pl.gif Top3 Logitech Pes6
  • Flag pl.gif Top1 Logitech PGA2005
  • Flag pl.gif Top2 Logitech PGA2006
  • Flag pl.gif Top5 Logitech ESWC
  • Flag eu.gif Top6-7(groupstage)paris Logitech eswc2007
  • Flag pl.gif Top1 Warcraft2 1998polish finals
  • Flag pl.gif Top4 Starcraft 2006 [bwd] bwcl
  • Flag de.gif Jk2 Eps Berlin
  • Flag de.gif ESWC quallis
  • Flag de.gif Skylan
  • Flag de.gif HanoverLanNight
  • Flag se.gif NotRanked Optihack 1 edition
  • Flag de.gif NotRanked SpeedHack 1 edition
  • Flag pl.gif NotRanked Lan4Fun 2 editions

and many many more...

They wrote about him...: Really nice personality a guy that always have time for evrything. The most funny thing is that he tryes almost evrything he can since 1997. You can meet him on almost evry Lan event in Poland and central Europe. If you want to seek more info about 4Star try to reach him at #Logitech.Uvm or scout some info at www.logitech.uvm.com!