The Teddybears

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  • Founded: 1997
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Clan prefix: TB_
  • Clan colors:   6     6  


The Teddybears giving Norwegian clan The Vicious Vikings a hard time on E1M2, November 1996
Both maps were played in Sweden as the Norwegian server was down, and VV never stood a chance on DM3

Former members

External links

Teddybears vs Swedish Legion of Lobotomizers at DM2 at Quake SM in 1997
Teddybears vs Brutal Deluxe on DM2 at Quake SM in 1997
Teddybears vs Da Swedish Mob on DM4 at Quake SM in 1997 (DOOMer POV)
Teddybears vs Crusaders on E1M2 at Quake SM in 1997
Icon of Pain vs Teddybears on DM2 in winter 1997 (Xenon's POV)
Defenders of Anband vs Teddybears on DM3 in 1998

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