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Frag of the week is a QuakeWorld video clip competition hosted by qwdrama, which is open for everyone and the competition is run on every single week of the year. In order to take part in the competition you only need to submit us a video clip featuring your frag. Participation is completely free and you don’t even need to register.

The competition is NOT focused on editing or eye-candy, we only care about how your frag looks like. Your frag(s) can be funny, stupid, amazing or mind-blowing but we also accept clips of action, which doesn’t feature a frag.

By the end of each week the QW Drama crew gathers to decide who deserves to win the contest.


  • Game: QuakeWorld
  • Max filesize: 10mb
  • Max video length: 30 seconds
  • Max resolution: 640×480
    • At the end of each week the submissions are uploaded to Youtube. For best conversion please use 640×480 or 320×240.
  • 1st person view prefered (camviews acceptable to explain weird frag)
  • 1 entry per person each week
  • Only divx/xvid/mpeg4/x264 codecs allowed (for now)
  • Using mp3 is always better than uncompressed pcm
  • Winner of Frag of The Week will receive a $250 bonus on Goldrush
    • Note: The money used on Goldrush is not real, it is playmoney