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player introduction

  • Real name: Kyle Sean Rivelli
  • Born: Chicago, IL
  • Nationality: Flag us.gif American
  • Current clan: -

Clan history

  • Wew.jpg
  • MoB
  • Aggression
  • ATFederation
  • Force


Won 1st CS Networld Tournament Jan 2003 (#MoB)
Won 1st CS Networld Tournament March 2003 (#MoB)
Won 1v1 CS tournament at Networld June 2003 (#MoB)
80th Summer CPL 2004 (#atfederation)
3rd at Gamers-X CS 10th tournament (#MoB)
2nd West CPL PK qualifiers June 4, 2005 (#WEW)
60th Painkiller CPL Summer 05, July 7, 2005 (#WEW)
32nd Quake4 CPL Winter 05, (#WEW/#Aggression)


But what I do, I do because I like to do.

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