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One of the first Quake 3 clans ever in Sweden. A selection of members then converted to Quakeworld. Now inactive.


Team [MP] started 1999-10-17 as Modem Power, a hpw clan. The first clanwar was played against cRc the 21 same month, or as GaYa said on the old newspage: "We got our asses kicked for the first time!". GaYa has always stated that there is no clanleader in [MP], but probably he acted like one and was seen as one by the members already back then.

Running a hpw team was fun until november 2000, when most of the team got pretty much fed up with lag. After finnishing 4th in the "Men Lagg! 2000" tournament, [MP] went into inactivity (the entire swedish hpw-scene seemed to do the same actually), waiting for better connection. We did not know at that point how long the waiting should be...

A short attempt to get active during the summer 2001 failed due to some of the members new lpb connection proved to be not-so-lpb after all. Well, "skam den som ger sig!" as we say in swe. December 2001 saw the rise of yet another 4 man line up. And we attempt to carry on the true no-whine-all-fun tradition of [MP].



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