Eradication Instincts Defined

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Clan created on 15th of February, 2003 as "Jihad Warriors". Founded by Fausto, sting, lbn, noshame joined soon. JW took part in clanbase (got raped by everyone in various ways). Next in NQR 5, JW took 11th place out of 13 (lineup: bulek Fausto haggard karn OverLord sting versus). Then came NQR 6, which was quite revolutionary. Random highly skilled QW players joined the team and thanks to that JW finished first in div4, with the lineup: blu docent gijs Fausto ecto optimizer springs syke.

By that time, the situation in islamic countries got worse and the terrorism became a common plague. With all the people dying in the case, the name (which at the beginning was funny as funny is to sacrifice your life for Jihad) became a rather bad joke. Soon, after an internal voting, JW got renamed to EID. EID stands for Eradication Instincts Defined, a song by Dimmu Borgir. It also means "owned" in Norwegian, and if you read it backwards...

The name change was the official reason gijs left. Soon after that optimizer and water left too. Blu who in the meantime became the second clanleader to help, invited his Hungarian friends from clan Edge to join EID - Smoke aka Hardkor, Stevens aka Shafty, Tanker. Tjall became a member, as we know each other irl,but he barely ever plays, because of his pings. So this can be called the Hungarian season - and it ended just now. Stevens and Smoke decided they want to make a strong, div3, hungarian only team, so they left. And in the beginning of September 2004, LBN rejoined the team, after his clan, HP died. We still needed some member reinforcements, so Mara and Ed aka Sinner from UK joined us. EID finished 4th in NQR 7. Later blasphemer joined and it was one of the best periods of the team. Due to inactivity the clan died 3 years after it's creation.



Members in order of appearance chronologically: