pleuraXeraphim  /  23 Dec 2014, 10:15
On the 25th of October 2014, the worlds greatest Quake1 TF players gathered to battle it out 'AttackersGoRed style' at the mod's annual Rock2ober event. For the first time in history, the horror and chaos of a complete game has been captured on video - the sights, the sounds.. the smells.. of a real AGR game, played by the worlds greatest TFers. Full commentary, original soundtrack, and plenty of surprises. Essential viewing for all Quake TF fans!!*

Rock2ober 2014 on Youtube

Essential viewing for all fans of multiplayer madness
mushi  /  9 Dec 2014, 13:53
QuakeWorld server project is now accepting donations.

Here's a comparison of the servers spawned in under one year (thanks mli):

One week later, donations have completed HALF the value we need to ensure the servers run for 12 months.

If you didn't already, consider donate. Why? Read the forum post.
Thanks to everyone!

10 days later, donations have reached the 700USD goal! Thank you Everyone!!
mushi  /  3 Dec 2014, 10:56
As some users pointed, our beloved and most famous Xs4All Free for All server is down for undertermined reasons.

Meanwhile you can use the unofficial alternative @


using the best possible route:

UPDATE 12 December
Xs4All QuakeWorld servers are lost forever
Ake Vader  /  22 Nov 2014, 18:34
The grand final of the Bad Place tournament will take place tomorrow at 16:00CET. It's Locust vs Rikoll and it is sure to be a thrilling series that you don't want to miss!

The Bad Place tournament bracket
Ake Vader  /  10 Nov 2014, 10:24
On Sunday 16th November there will be a rookie classic cup for interested beginner players. It's basically a one night duel cup on this upcoming Sunday, starting at 19:00CET with check-in half an hour prior to start.

Congratulations to Z0mbie90 who beat Named in two close maps in the final.

Playoff bracket
Signup and more information on the Refragged site
Andeh  /  30 Oct 2014, 16:56
In the midst of several 1on1 tournaments and the ever continuing EQL, Fusion announces the third season of their Clan Arena tournament. This season is going to feature 3on3 Clan Arena games between players from all around the world, even South Africa. Read on for more information about signed up teams, formats, maps and whatnot!

Quick link to homepage:
mushi  /  30 Oct 2014, 16:40
Lately we have seen a boost in QuakeWorld servers, mainly thanks to Mushi's and Dirtbox's effort. The goal is to have QuakeWorld servers and QWFwd's on key locations so everyone enjoys the best possible ping when playing the game of our lives.

Thanks to Claw, the effort is continuing. He contacted Chilean, Argentinian and Brazilian players and setup servers on all 3 locations. This means South American players can play with their neighbours with the lowest ping ever!

Hopefully we will see an increase on activity on South America soon

Capture The Flag
pleuraXeraphim  /  22 Oct 2014, 08:54
Calling ALL Quakeworld TF fans,

Rock2ober 2014!

The LEGEND returns, the MONSTER is back, the BIGGEST Q1 TF game of the year is here! This is the seventh annual Rock2ober event, the annual get together where we attempt to fill a quakeworld server w 32 players like days of yore.The big question is, will we make 32 players again!? Can it be done in 2014? There's only one way to find out. So get ready for TF insanity, AGR style, at this years:

So get ready for TF insanity, AGR style, this Saturday 25th October, 23:00 UTC, @ More details at the link below
Ake Vader  /  21 Oct 2014, 18:17
On Wednesday the 29th October there will be a Refragged Rookie Classic Cup for low skilled players to take part in. It will take place during the evening with check-in between 18:30-19:00CET and then the cup is played between 19:00-23:00CET (last cup ended around ~22:00CET). The map pool is the classic DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk and ZTNDM3 where people will battle it out in best-of-three maps series in a single-elimination bracket.

In the last cup we saw Bolwin prevail, beating Klice in the final.

Visit the cup site for more info and sign up
Ake Vader  /  14 Oct 2014, 12:40
On Sunday there will be a Refragged Rookie Classic Cup for beginners and extremely low skilled players to take part in. The cup will take place during Sunday evening, with check-in between 18:30-19:00CEST and then the cup is played between 19:00-23:00CEST (depending on amount of participants). The map pool is the classic DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk and ZTNDM3 where people will battle it out in best-of-three maps series in a single-elimination bracket.

Head on over to check out the rules, then register on the site and sign up for the cup! If you already have a user but forgot the password then send an e-mail to info [at] and we will straighten out that issue.

Update: 15 players signed up at the time of writing this (thursday). Don't hesitate to sign up if you're a beginner!
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