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nQuake is a complete QuakeWorld package consisting of ezQuake, configs, textures and everything else you need to get started with QuakeWorld in a matter of minutes. It currently supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

Client alternatives

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Our forum section is vast, active and the core for community wide communication. However, if you prefer the direct approach and live chat, the scene camps out on IRC since 1996 on the Quakenet network. (Use to get connected to a random Quakenet IRC server).

Examples of IRC clients
    mIRC - Shareware (Windows)
    xChat - Free (Multiplatform)
    irssi - Free (Multiplatform)
    Webchat - Free (Chat in your webbrowser - multiplatform)

Commonly used IRC channels
    European community
    North and South America community
    Client channels

Get set... ready... FRAG!

Finding games; if you installed nQuake you can use ezQuake's build-in serverbrowser. You can also try or MetaQTV (NOTE: MetaQTV only lists servers connected to QTV).

The more direct approach is using IRC. Join #qwrookie and write .qw 1on1 anyone? (be gentle!) (This sends your message out to every channel that the [ServMe]-bots operate on.)

Feel free to checkout some more of our guides and content on this site.
If you are new here its recommended that you read through [game modes] which will give you a quick introduction of the most common game modes of todays QuakeWorld.

Don't be a stranger now, pop in to our IRC channels and meet our community. We are always happy to welcome some fresh meat into the scene.