True Bastards from Hell

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A team that didn't live too long.


Just before NQR Season 7 started both Javve and Purity were in Gatugeng where they played with Angua, Vladde and Wigorf. One day before the signups closed Vladde decided he wanted a better chance of winning NQR and joined Lege Artis. This made the team disband, Javve and Purity decided to go on together and form this team. It might have worked out since both Crazymac and Nikke thought of joining but in the end nobody though it would work.

Crazymac joined Slackers, Javve and Rst joined Hard Guns Crew, Timmi The Axe Men, Ultra Suddendeath and Purity Tribe of Tjernobyl. From the Gatugeng team Wigorf joined Insanity and Angua joined Clan Malfunction and went on to win NQR Season 7.


  • Founded: 2004
  • Nationality: Europe Flag eu.gif
  • Clan prefix: tbfh
  • IRC channel: None
  • Website: None


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