Swedish Online Championship One on One League

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The Swedish Online Championship One on One League (So Cool) was, as the name implies, a duel tournament. It began in September 1997 and was finished in December the same year. It was was thought to be a Swedish championship, but ended up as a Nordic tournament, with players from Denmark, Norway and Finland also being invited. 39 players participated, divided in a HPW league and an LPB league.

The players were placed in LPB and HPW divisions, where everyone played each other once. The top two in each division would go to the semi-finals, while the 3rd places ones would fight each other for a chance to play in the semi-finals.

Based on a vote before the league started, Flag se.gif oKKun and Flag dk.gif RoadRunneR were considered the favorites.

LPB players

HPW players


The LPB finalists were Flag dk.gif Descenman, Flag se.gif DOOMer, Flag se.gif Itchiban and Flag dk.gif CrazyMac. Flag se.gif Paralyzer was also qualified for the finals, but wasn't able to play. The LPB finals were never finished.

The HPW league was won by Flag dk.gif RoadRunneR, with Flag se.gif Xavier and Flag no.gif Jargoon on a tied 2nd place.