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An initiative by the Quakeworld.nu crew.


Some of the finest Povdmm4 players fought for the title. UL, Xamp and Interceptor were invited while others tried to take the fourth spot in the main event. The last four in the qualifying rounds were Dag, Xerial, Vladde and Mirage. After Dag won of Mirage and Xerial showed off when playing Vladde, Xerial (surprisingly?) took out Dag and claimed the last spot in the tourney. There it turned out that Xamp had an off-day (or should we say he couldn't cope with the level of playing? Who knows) and didn't win a single map. Xerial was surprising though, he won Xamp (like they all did), had very close games with Inter (he lost with 1 and 2 frags) and even won a map of UL. The best games were UL-Inter where UL won 2-1 every map decided on a single frag, it definitely is something to be repeated with more competitors, I expected the second part of this tournament quite some time ago but nothing has been mentioned about it yet, arrange that please :-)


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