NQR North America Season 1

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This might have been the only QuakeWorld tournament in history that didn't feature a single WalkOver during the group games. Sad enough, The Boss got two of them in the playoffs, making them win the tournament without even playing a game after the regular season.

The semi-final that did get played, between 5 angry men (former m@cs) and Confederacy was highly controversial because even though Confederacy had enough players they decided to play with a non listed player named fore who nobody had seen before. Because 5am just wanted to play they agreed and fore turned out to be a key player for Confederacy's victory. Strangly, after this they did not play the final with The Boss, leaving them the title uncontested. In the regular season The Boss beat Confederacy with large numbers and they would've won the final without a doubt too.


fuhQuake 0.3x (eQuake package) with -ruleset smackdown -norjscripts
mQWCL 0.96 with -noscripts
ezQuake with -ruleset smackdown -norjscripts



Team #1 Result Team #2
Confederacy Flag us.gif 3 - 1 Flag us.gif 5 angry men
Unknown Flag us.gif W - O Flag us.gif The Boss


Team #1 Result Team #2
The Boss Flag us.gif W - O Flag us.gif Conferderacy

NQR North America
NQR North America Season 1 (Spring 2005)
NQR North America Season 2 (Fall 2005)
Season 1: Flag us.gif The Boss
Season 2: Flag us.gif The Boss