Duelmania 2

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After Flag fi.gif Vertigo, Flag fi.gif Supa and Flag fi.gif Sleiv successfully ran Duelmania 1, it was decided to have a second season of this very good concept. Again with 64 participants, this time it was decided that the top two of each group would go to the A playoffs and the bottom two to the B playoffs.

A statement from the duelmania crew: The DuelMania admins made the selection/draws tonight, and this is how we did it: as you know, 32 players were invited, then we selected out 3 more players to make it 35. This left 29 spots to be filled. We declined all players that were not from no/se/dk/fi (if you want to know why ask us in #duelmania), and some players we thought would have a really hard time to even get frags at all(please sue us, our lawyers would be delighted). After this we had 47 players left to choose from, and 29 players were randomly drawn to fill the remaining spots.



Settings, Rules, Maps

  • Maps allowed: dm2, dm4, dm6
  • Time limit: 10 minutes
  • Overtime 3 minutes
  • Deathmatch mode 3
  • No Powerups
  • Discharges enabled
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