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Player Information
Franco Baresi
February 16, 1982 (1982-02-16) (age 37)
First spawned:
Alternate IDs:
2000 - 2001
1999 - 2000
1998 - 2001


Favorite mod: 4on4
Favorite 4on4 maps: E1M2, Schloss, CMT4
Favorite 1on1 maps: Dm4, Aerowalk, Ztndm3, Dm6, Bravado

Introduced to QuakeWorld in late '96 on a Lan, spending the whole weekend in Fragtwn.
Played actively from 1997-2001, most notably for Whatever , Oh My God and his own clan, Airwalkers .

Went on to play Counter-Strike on a semi-pro level up until 2004 before taking charge of Team NoA.

Had a brief stint playing QuakeWorld on NA-servers while living in Florida, Us in 2008-2009.

Did a comeback in 2016 joining Division99 and Div99-Pulsar for the upcoming EQL season.
Started playing on a 13" 60hz laptop-potato (©Meag) reaching the Thunderdome season 6 final, in division 4.
Coming from lower bracket, winning two best of 5 games was needed to secure the win.
Though nobody (not even the opponent) knew this at the time the first bo5 was over where Baresi won 3-1.
After celebrating the victory for a while, another bo5 had to be played the following day and all momentum was gone.

Taking a break in 2017, he was back again in 2018.

His nick comes from his favorite soccerplayer Franco Baresi.

Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Yaw Mousepad
Logitech G303 112000 8.2 3.2 800 140 6/11 0.001 Razer Goliathus
Crosshair settings
Crosshair Color Size Alpha
255 0 0
0.4 1


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2019 A11st QHLAN2019 4on4 Finland Miltons Mutants
2019 A55 - 8th QHLAN2019 1on1
2019 Z? QHLAN2019 Silver 2on2
2019 A22nd GetQuad! Draft Div 2 4on4 Norway Forza Baresi!
2019 A11st HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League Div 2 1on1 50€
2018 A11st Thunderdome Season 10 Div 2 1on1
2018 A11st 2018 QW Duel Showdown Div 2 1on1 250€
2018 A99th 2018 QW Duel Showdown Div 1 1on1
2018 A44th SundaySpawnfraggin18 4on4 Europe Div99-Pulsar
2018 A11st QW2018Teamleague Div 2 4on4 Europe Div99-Pulsar
2016 A22nd Thunderdome Season 7 Div 3 1on1
2016 A33rd EQL Season 21 Div 2 4on4 Europe Div99-Pulsar
2016 A22nd Thunderdome Season 6 Div 4 1on1
2000 A99th SD NEU Season 1 4on4 Norway Airwalkers



Pow! Right in the kisser!

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