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The Axe. A weapon. A swingy thing. You use it to hack at opponents standing right in front of you. Doesn't do much damage, but uses no ammo, so it could be useful for hitting buttons and doors and stuff.

The axe-wielding player model animation is decidedly overdone, and makes Quake Guy look like he's got a screw loose waving it. Needless to say, this has made the axe appealing to certain FFA players of a similar disposition. Also makes an addictive clink when you bash it against something hard.

Plus ax-murdering people is fun.


  • The axe can be put to particularly good effect in e1m5 by hiding in the GA hole in the Exit room and bashing it repeatedly against the wall. The resulting clink-clink-clink can be heard throughout much of the map, slowly driving the other players insane.


  • [tVS]Milton: it's a bloody axe
    [tVS]Milton: how could it not be cool?

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