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A summary of QuakeWorld for the year:
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Taken from Methos Quake

  • Jonathan "Fatality" Wendel goes undefeated to win the XSReality Invitational (XSi) tournament on Jan 23rd, 2000. Similar to the TGI tourney, where players were invited from around the world, the XSi proved that 1on1 tourneys could be played at the highest level even without huge money prizes.
  • For the first time, QuakeTV proxy, made by Juha "Perkele" Kujala and Illka "Zibbo" Rajala from Finland, was used at the XSI on Jan 22-23. It was a huge step forward for gaming when we were able to connect to a server and watch the entire tournament through the players eyes without any lag. Although this could be done in Quakeworld using Qizmo (also made by Perkele and Zibbo), the viewing quality was far superior in QTV
  • First public release of the popular Challenge Promode on Mar 24th, 2000. The Promode mod helps make Q3A into a much more exciting game, similar to the way QW helped Quake
  • Jonathan "Fatality" Wendel wins the Razer CPL tourney on April 16th, 2000. This tourney is the richest Quake tournament ever held with a first place prize of $40,000
  • Female Quake player Stevie "Killcreek" Case appears sans clothes in Playboy on May 11th, 2000
  • Rocket Arena 3 for Q3A released on July 23rd, 2000