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Åke Vader
Vader happy after having fed his brand new phone with beer. It didn't like it.
Personal information
Alias(es) Alpha 1
Real name Linus
Date of birth 1985
Nationality Flag se.gif Swedish
Current clan None
Current status Active
Clan history
Year(s) Clan
Flag se.gif Divide et Impera
John Bauer Quakers
Flag dk.gif Fallen Angels
Flag se.gif Veterans
Flag eu.gif Slackers2
Year(s) Tournament Type Place
EQL Season 2 DIV3
NQR Season 9 SS Cup
EQL Season 5 DIV2
CHTV demos

By many hopefully considered as a humble and nice bloke with a passion for Quakeworld and the competitive aspect around it.

First contact

Åke Vader first started out his online gaming career back in 1999 with the clan Flag se.gif Divide et Impera which he founded along with his cousin Björta. Back then it was all HPW action and a common place to gib on was FZ's FFA servers - especially in the evenings when the price for surfing was sliced in half. The career with DEI was a painful one and not many games were won. After having played for a year or so, he quit Quakeworld and moved on to other games, specifically Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena. Between 2000-2002 he passively followed the Quakeworld scene while playing mainly Quake 3 1on1.

The return

As we all know, everyone who leaves Quakeworld always come back sometime, and this was the case with Mr.Vader too. In 2003 he founded Refragged, a competitor to the big site QuakeWorld.nu which also offered scene news. With the help of FZ he managed to get web space for the site and later on also a few volunteers in the editorial department. After a couple of years the site went inactive and he remained passive within the scene. The art of writing was picked up after the venture with Refragged and so he started doing some coverage on Quakeworld for ESReality, an E-sport site created by old school player Flag gb.gif Sujoy, which was welcomed by the admins over there.

Finally a decent connection

When Åke Vader graduated from upper secondary school he decided it was time to move out and continue his studies on a university. The city he settled for was Jönköping and at this time he could finally get a decent DSL connection that allowed online gaming under optimal conditions. As he had no idea where he really stood compared to the competition, he decided to start out slowly in the lowest tier of NQR7 in a clan called John Bauer Quakers. The venture there was a fairly successful one performance wise for himself, although a disappointment if you look at the clan as a whole.

After John Bauer Quakers, Åke Vader wanted another challenge as the clan wasn't too active and he felt he could take another step on the Quakeworld ladder. He then joined Flag dk.gif Fallen Angels and played there until the clan became too inactive. He soon, again, looked for another clan and his previous performances caused the division 2 clan Flag se.gif Veterans to open their eyes for him as they were in need of players. A good move by both the clan and Mr.Vader who really enjoy eachother's company.

Around this time the main Quakeworld site QuakeWorld.nu was hacked which lead to a depression within the community. There were literally no big news sites nor tournaments around and especially the lack of tournaments made Åke Vader volunteer when he heard Flag se.gif Zanne was about to start a league on his own called European Quake League. He offered his services and still maintains parts of the site today. After several EQL and NQR seasons with Flag se.gif Veterans, Åke Vader was picked up by Flag eu.gif Slackers' project called Flag eu.gif Slackers2.


The alias Åke Vader is a combination of an old fashion Swedish firstname ("Åke") and the lastname is stolen from the master of the dark force: Darth Vader in Star Wars. The reason for picking this alias in the first place is that Åke is a quite old fashioned name (and also the name of Linus' father) which makes the combination Åke Vader sound silly, yet brilliant, in Swedish as Darth Vader is such an evil character. That it is a unique alias that people will recognise is a plus too.


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