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Just like {{GroupTableStart}}, this template generates a header to place above {{MatchList}}. This template's main feature is to display two team names and a score. It is not mandatory to use {{MatchList}} below this template. It can reference teams that have an entry in {{Team}} or a regular formatted text. The team with the higher score is automatically bolded.


The code:

|team1literal={{flag/de}} Templars of Twilight
|team2literal={{flag/kr}} Korea

Gives us:

Germany Templars of Twilight 3 2 Template:Flag/kr Korea



refers to a team entry in {{Team}}, X is 1 or 2.
set a team name, and any formatting, including other templates such as {{Flag}} can be included, as in the example above. Useful when the team to set is not defined in {{Team}}. X is 1 or 2.
set the team's score, X is 1 or 2.


Refer to Template:MatchList/doc

Snippet code

With teams in {{Team}}


With formatted text teams


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