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Especially famous CTF clan, won countless CTF tournaments both on and offline. Their homemap was CTF5 on which they were very dominant. They had a deep hatred for the in skandinavia often played map e2m2.


They started out as a group of friends who were all from the same street of the Dutch city Roosendael. Those were Caes, Dek, Fever, Tana, Unex and Zilv. At some point early in the clans' history they played from the same house. From the original group Dek, Unex and Zilv stayed active with the clan until the end in 2005, you could also find Caesar and Tanarus online from time to time during this period. They played some TDM, quite well too. In the older days they played with the later legendary Reppie and won the Clanbase Benelux Cup, with him they also participated in Villains which was (one of) the first real European wide 4on4 TDM tournements. In Villains they didn't manage to reach the playoffs. After being inactive for a few years they came back to QW and found CTF to be relatively dead so decided to give TDM another go. They quickly climed up the ranks, they were placed in the lowest division, 5, in NQR Season 6 but ended in second place and beat a div4 team in the overlapping Bronze Cup playoffs that followed the regular season. Lost to Batida Swing in the quarter finals, a team that featured later members Snake Eyes and his later famous brother Dragon who would after joining this clan become a core player in the tournament winning Slackers. The season after Dragon had joined them (Snake Eyes joined for the unfinished NQR Season 8) and they had a very good season winning division 3 but especially in pracs not afraid of playing top division 1 clans which was and is very uncommon for a division 3 team. They won maps here and there from teams that were placed way higher in the tournaments, especially on their homemap cmt4 they managed to beat division 1 teams several times. Somewhere during these two season there were also two CTF cups organized, for these we saw Tanarus and Caesar return to the game. When the crash happened somewhere during NQR Season 8 and world of warcraft was released VVV stopped as an active team since Zilv started to play WoW, Dek hadn't been very active and other members decided it was time to move on as there wasn't much left of the original team.


  • Founded: 1994
  • Nationality: Flag nl.gif Dutch
  • Clan prefix: vvv
  • IRC channel: (QuakeNet)
  • Website: http:???
  • Gametype: CTF 1996-2002 & 2004 TDM 2000 & 2003-2005


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