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The correct title of this article is tide. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

tide played Quake 4 TDM in the team Flag at.gif angels of apocalypse in the ClanBase OpenCup Premierdivision and reached the Playoffs.
He was also very successfull in War§ow with the team Flag at.gif respawn addicts where they could place 2nd in the first War§ow 4on4 TDM Cup.


  • War§owian FragFest (first War§ow TDM Cup)
  • ClanBase EuroCup XV - wSw 1v1
  • ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2007 - wSw TDM


  • Real name: Benjamin A.
  • Date of birth: 1989-03-05
  • Nationality: Flag hr.gif Croatian
  • Location: Flag at.gif Austria
  • Current clan: Flag de.gif The Haedsmasherz
  • Playing since: QW since August 2007
  • Other games: War§ow and ET:QW

Clan history

Flag eu.gif Mob of Oddballs





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