sdCup #4

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[e][h]sdCup #4
League Information
Prize pool:
Start Date:
27 June
End Date:
27 June

The sdCup is a premier weekend tournament featuring a hefty prize pool and top class talent. It encourages even pings allowing for the entire world to participate online in epic weekend bouts between the best players out there.

As the sdCup moves through the niche parts of the QuakeWorld scene, having had tournaments in both Bloodfest and in racing, it has become clearer and clearer that there's been one form of tournament missing... It's time for a Free For All tournament in a mode we all know and love - dmm4. Sounds weird? Worry not, all is explained below.

We've all played rocket launcher maps like oldcrat.bsp or end.bsp, either to warm up before games or simply because it's fun. This time it'll be for money, so polish up your rocket launchers and get ready for this epic one-day Newcrat showdown on June 27!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the #sdCup channel on

Map Remake

Newcrat main.jpg

Sweden bps and the rest of the Suddendeath crew have been hard at work remaking the amazing map oldcrat made by Russia Parboil back in 2002 and a lot of refreshing features have been added. More information can be found at the map's QWiki page, newcrat.

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Winner
1st $200.00 TBD TBD
2nd $150.00 TBD TBD
3rd $100.00 TBD TBD
4th $50.00 TBD TBD

Signup Information

Before signing up, make sure you are available for this ONE EVENING tournament starting at 19:00 CEST, June 27. Sign up by simply letting Andeh know, or by leaving a message in #sdCup on that you want to participate!

The check-ins will start at 18:00 CEST, at which time you need to show sign of life so that the groups can be generated. If you are not present at 18:50 CEST, you will be removed from the tournament.


Date: Sunday, June 27

Time: 19:00 CEST/ 1:00pm EDT

Mode: Free For All DMM4 (no lightning gun)

Map: Newcrat.bsp (NOTE: all servers have the correct map config already!)

Timelimit: 5 minutes

Score: /dmgfrags

Format: Groups of max 5 players, don't-lose-format


Players are placed in groups of maximum 5 players, where one player is eliminated from each group, each round. Yes, this means that only the loser of each game is eliminated! After each round, all players are shuffled into new groups with new players, both to prevent "group of death"-scenarios and to give you the chance to play with as many different people as possible!

This process is repeated until we reach the final group, which will play multiple games, eliminating the loser of each game until only the Champion remains!

Servers and Clients

A server will be chosen for your group by our admins and the decision is based on the location of the players in that group. Once a round is completed, a new server will be chosen based on the location of your new group.

Clients include all modern clients with ruleset smackdown.


Reporting will be done in the #sdCup channel on the main QuakeWorld discord. A simple screenshot of the game reported is enough, as only a loser is determined each game before all the winners are shuffled into new groups.


Full coverage as always on suddendeathTV.