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Europe Rebellion of Thunder
4on4 team Information
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Rebellion Of Thunder aka ROT is a Quake World Clan.
Was founded by its fearless leader Ztranger in early 1998.
The team formed with Portuguese players from Madeira Island was the elite of the Portuguese QW scene defeating any opponents that would stand between them and the “gold”.
From 2000 and in order to participate in European tournaments with decent pings, the team added players from other nationalities.

With many players quitting QW from around 2009 the clan pretty much died and in 2018, hammer takes over the Clan and with mushi they also form a Portuguese Community in QW.
Nowadays, the clan has a new discord server, new website, new servers, new and more accomplishments on the community and basically a new identity. It's mostly Portuguese players and the majority is from Madeira Island but also with a few members from other nationalities.
The clan is active and ready for any opponents that comes their way.

Long Live The Rebellion !!

Active Members

Semi-active / Inactive Members

Former Members


(since 2018)

Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2022 A11st Qlan War Tournament 1 div3 4on4 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2022 A22nd Kombat 2on2on2 div1 2on2on2 Europe DM Riders
2022 A33rd Time 2 Hammer Season 3 div1 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2018 A33rd Sunday Spawnfraggin 18 4on4 Europe Rebellion Of Thunder
2019 A88th Get2GetherSE div1 2on2 Europe Rebellion Of Thunder
2019 A33rd Get2GetherSE div2 2on2 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2019 A33rd Hammer Time Season 1 div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2019 A11st Bloodfest record 22378 frags bloodfest Portugal nitemare
2019 A11st Time 2 Hammer Season 1 div2 2on2 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2020 A22nd Hammer Time Season 2 div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2020 A88th DM6 Duel Tournament div1 1on1 Portugal mushi
2020 A11st DM6 Duel Tournament div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2020 A88th QuakeCon_2020 1on1 Portugal nitemare
2020 A33rd Hammer Time Season 2 div1 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2020 A33rd Time 2 Hammer Season 2/Challenge Cup 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2021 A33rd Hammer Time Season 3 div5 1on1 Portugal ved
2021 A11st Organ Grinder 3 duel vs skulker 1on1 Europe eb
2021 A22nd Kombat Duel 2 Tuesday 1on1 France Bernkaoch
2021 A22nd Kombat Duel 2 Wednesday 1on1 Portugal nitemare
2021 A11st Kombat Duel 2 Thursday 1on1 Portugal nitemare


Nitemare holds Bloodfest record with 22378 frags on 100ms and 10pl (17-10-2019)