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Beginning in late 2005, former Quake-o-Holics member Lornelin recruited three pals from his clan Egda to form a new QW clan with Christian members only. Quake-o-Holy (Qoh) played the first season in EQL and had some successes before falling victim to inactivity. The clan disbanded shortly after EQL1 had finished, with ui joining a2k2 and Stroller going to SuddenDeath Project. Lornelin went inactive, and xazqe went back to idling in BLT.


  • Founded: 2005. Disbanded: 2006
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif
  • Clan prefix: QoH
  • IRC channel: [1] #QoH (QuakeNet)
  • Website: not available


(All inactive)


Kicked ass while they were at it.

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