Qlan War Elite

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[e][h]Qlan War Elite
League Information
January 2023
dm2 • dm3 • e1m2
Number of signups:

Due to popular demand for a top of the line, elite TB3 season, Sweden Andeh was brought on to the admin team to facilitate this ambitious start to 2023.

The tournament will consist of 10 teams, where 6 are pre-invited and the last 4 advance from a qualifying round prior to the main event. After an initial BO3 Group Stage to determine playoff seeds, top 8 teams advance to duke it out in a BO5 double-elimination bracket to give every single team a fair shot at achieving victory.


Finland Commandomilton, diki, xantom, valla, xterm Netherlands Firing Squadreppie, razor, blixem, wimpeeh Denmark Slackersparadoks, zero, niw, mazer Sweden Suddendeathbps, ganon, rst, andeh, splash, rio Sweden 020raket, shaka, greco, ok98, bulat, medic Finland Project FIfix, gamer, creature, rat, myzti Norway The AxemenTiMMI, TheChosenOne, tr0ll, PreMorteM, Nigve, Macisum Poland Demolition Crewshamoth, airman, pooll, ponczek, er, eQu, grl Sweden The Suicide Quadconan, djevulsk, Elguapo, nas, xero, mutilator Poland TeamkillerzMacler, Tom, Goniec, Thunder, insane, zyziek, plate

Group Stage

Group A
# Team Games Maps Diff
1. Sweden 020rak, sha, mm, ok98, grc, bul 2-0 4-1 3
2. Finland CommandoMil, Nit, Xte, Xan, Dik 1-0 2-0 2
3. Sweden Suddendeathbps, gan, gob, and, spl, rst, rio 1-1 2-2 0
4. Poland Teamkillerzmac, tom, gon, thun, insa, zyz, pla 0-1 0-2 -2
5. Norway The AxemenTiM, TCO, tr0, Pre, Try, Mac 0-2 1-4 -3
Group B
# Team Games Maps Diff
1. Finland Project FiFix, Crea, Gam, Myz, rat 2-1 4-2 2
2. Netherlands Firing SquadRep, Raz, Blx, Wim 1-1 4-1 3
3. Denmark SlackersPara, zero, niw, maz 1-1 3-2 -1
4. Sweden The Suicide Quaddje, con, elg, mut, nas, xero 0-1 0-2 -2
5. Poland Demolition Crewsha, air, poo, pon, Er, eQu, grl 0-2 0-4 -4


Winners' Finals
Losers' Round 1
Losers' Round 2
Losers' Round 3
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals