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JAMS first LPB. Often teamkilled, especially when Telly required RL.

  • Real name: ???
  • Date of birth: 416pm
  • Nationality: Flag uk.gif British
  • Current clan: -

Clan history


In 1998 he receive the generic large-phone-bill of the day, a sum that started with a nine. Fortunately the gravitas of the situation was not lost on him; he realised he had done a bad thing, realised it had to stop and realised he maybe had a problem. Then proceeded to receive equally massive phonebills for the next two quarters.

Openly admits to having had a problem with teamkilling during the hot summer of 1998. Also admits the problem existed through all game time before and after the hot summer of 1998. During the (second?) Wireplay 4v4v4v4 Team Death Match Free For All That Simod Ran, he was rather impressed with himself, having had the second highest number of enemy kills over the 15 minute game/lag-o-tron. Second, infact, only to Bigfoot. However, once his teamkills were taken into account, ( at an average of two per minute over the fifteen minute game (oops) ), he was far from the top. He wasn't far from the bottom. Shush.

Whenever it was important, he was successful at not being able to make the jump to the RL on ukcldm6 (something like that, really can't remember the name), instead choosing to land in the green acid.



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