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World class Quake 2 and Quake 4 player currently practicing Quakeworld for QuakeCon 2007. As mentioned, in his gaming career he has previously been playing Quake 2 where he was the player to beat for several years. As a token of his skills, members of the Quake 2 community actually sponsored him when going to Quakecon in the year 2005 when there was a lot of money to be won. They covered parts of his costs with a promise to be paid back and saw it as a safe investment - the odds on him to win was amazingly low. The "investors" later on got their money back as he eliminated (humiliated?) any competition in the tournament.

  • Real name: Mikael Tarvainen
  • Born: 1982
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: -

Clan history


5th place in QuakeCon Quad tournament 2007


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