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[e][h]New Crater
Newcrat main.jpg
Sweden bps
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New Crater is the sequel to (or reimagination of) Old Crater (by Russia ParboiL) created by Sweden bps in a collab with Suddendeath friends Sweden Andeh, Sweden LethalWiz, Sweden ganon and Sweden rst. The map was in the limelight of sdCup#4.

Just recently, the old, dormant volcano crater seem to have been awoken: lava is starting to stream out from the crater walls, caves and cliffs are deforming the stable landscape, and the very boulders you stand on are about to melt into the seething magma below.


No weapons nor armors exists, but a biosuit is tucked away in a lava cave. It reduces the damage received by lava to 10, the same rate one would experience in slime without protection.



  • The 13 original spawn points are left unchanged
  • There are 3 destructible rocks that will sink into lava after taking 1600, 1300 and 500 damage respectively.
  • 4 seconds after destroying one of the beforementioned rocks, the very jumbotron will crash down dealing 400 damage to anything below.
  • The red, wooden fence spotted high up on a ledge is a tribute to Sweden od and/or Sweden votary who once said the eternal internal joke:
Vi ses borta vid röda planket!
    — Meaning "See you over at the red wooden fence" in a funny, Stockholmesque accent