Money for nothin' and gibs for free

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[e][h]Money for nothin and gibs for free
League Information
Secret old russian player
Double-Elimination Bracket (Bo5)
Prize pool:
$6,500 USD
Start Date:
January 17, 2021
(Signup close January 16)
dm2 • dm4 • dm6 • aerowalk • ztndm3

"Money for nothin' and gibs for free" is a 2on2 Double-Elimination tournament mainly run by Russia gLAd.

It is intented as a worldwide battle royale, following the success of GetQuad! Nations Cup in 2020.

A whopping prize pool of $6,500 is handed out from a secret, russian donor that want to remain unknown.

Prize pool

$6,500 (USD) are spread among the players as seen below. Prizes are only handed out to teams that never lost any map on WO.

Place Prize (USD) Winner
1st $3,000 TBD tbd
2nd $1,500 TBD tbd
3rd $1,000 TBD tbd
4th $500 TBD tbd

Double Elimination Bracket

Winners Bracket

Round 1 · 2021-01-24
 Europe Milton & carapace
 Europe Bernkaoch & kip
 Poland tom & goniec
 Finland mazer & henu
 Russia LazyS & NephD
 Russia Billy The Kid & gLAd
 Europe Mads & John
 Russia dot & BuLaT
 Europe alice & anni
 Poland insane & MaCLer
 Australia KF & Venom
 Finland diki & creature
 Poland samon & thunder
 US & Canada BLooD_DoG & sane
 Brazil an1k & Snoopy
 Sweden bps & locust
 Sweden Xero & hlw
 Australia Syrical & Moksha
 Sweden mm & shaka
 United States BullDozer & Greedtoad
 Sweden Grc & raket
 Russia nlk & devil
 Brazil GT & mur
 Russia yurik & kmb
 Europe Quake & bgnr
 United States serp & furbison
 Norway Macisum & nigve
 Europe Nidweyr & Hemostx
 Australia dirtbox & yeti
 United States war & hoek
Round 2 · 2021-01-31
 Europe Milton & carapace
 Sweden bps & locust
Round 3 · 2021-02-07
Round 4 · 2021-02-14

Losers Bracket

Round 1 · 2021-01-31
Round 2 · 2021-02-04
Round 3 · 2021-02-07
Round 4 · 2021-02-11
Round 5 · 2021-02-14
Round 6 · 2021-02-18

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
From Losers Bracket
Losers Finals
Grand Finals


dm2 dm4 dm6 aerowalk ztndm3
Dm2 Dm4 Dm6 Aerowalk Ztndm3
Teams can agree to play other maps (if approved by admins)


Signups closed on January 16, 20:50 UTC (23:50 MSK).


  • 10 min map with 3 min overtime
  • All rounds are BO5
  • Ruleset: qcon
  • A team can only consist of 2 players
  • A team that has lost with WO in WB will automatically lose with WO in LB too.


This is a world wide tournament, meaning you might have to play games on a higher ping than you're used to. Strive for fair pings, but use this as a general rule of thumb:

  • East coast NA vs EU = Ireland
  • West coast NA vs EU = New York
  • AU vs EU = India
  • AU vs NA = Los Angeles
  • BR vs AU = Los Angeles
  • BR vs EU/NA = Miami

If you can find a server with lower pings for both of you, I strongly suggest you use that one! This is just a general rule of thumb and not a requirement, however striving for as equal pings as possible is mandatory. Use cl_delaypacket to even out the pings up to a maximum of 155ms.