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Swedish QuakeWorld player famous for his addiction to Aerowalk. Started playing in '96, although taking a break from '01-'05. Known for taking ring at DM3 (not pent), hence the nickname "ringpin".


  • Date of birth: August 18th, 1986
  • Also known as: kp, ringpin, burgerpin
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: Flag eu.gif Crazy 88
  • First spawned: 1996
  • Colors:   0     6  
  • Map: Aerowalk

Clan history



  • "Aero?"
  • "Be"
  • "a sec"


  • Inventor of the term "kpickup"
  • Earned the nickname burgerpin after holding up a 4on4 mix in prewar for nearly 20 minutes coming back saying he was out getting a burger.

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