GetQuad! Draft 4

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[e][h]GetQuad! 4on4 Draft #4
League Information
Norway Ocoini, Ukraine Nidweyr, Sweden Skurk, United Kingdom Hangtime, Norway Link, Brazil ohl, Hungary toma
Prize pool:
Fame & Glory
Start Date:
End Date:
dm2 • dm3 • e1m2 • cmt4 • schloss

Quakeworld GetQuad! Draft season 4 is a league that run from November 2020, until February or March 2021. Players are drafted into teams in divisions based on their skill level.

Sign-up is closed. If you want to be on stand-in list, you can still use it:

Division, Squad and Team Structure

  • GQ4 has 2 divisions:
    • Div1
    • Div2
  • GQ4 has 7 “Squads” and each Squad has 9 players:
  • Each Squad has 2 Teams:
    • Div1 Team - four players.
    • Div2 Team - five players.


  • Admins preselected and seeded 7 Div1 DraftPickers.
  • The Division 2 picker is drafted in as the fourth player in the Division 1 draft.
    • This division 2 picker belongs to the division 2 team.
  • Drafting is done in 2 events:
    • Div1 draft + Div2 DraftPicker selection (22th of November)
    • Div2 draft (29th of November)

Div1 Draft Pickers and their seed

  1. Finland Creature Squad:
  2. Norway Nigve Squad:
  3. Netherlands Blixem Squad:
  4. Sweden Raket Squad:
  5. Netherlands Wimpeeh Squad:
  6. Great Britain Hangtime Squad:
  7. Finland Diki Squad:

The player ranking

  1. Div1C
  2. Div1-1st
  3. Div1-2nd
  4. Div1-3rd
  5. Div2 C
  6. Div2-1st
  7. Div2-2nd
  8. Div2-3rd
  9. Div2-4th


dm2 dm3 e1m2 schloss cmt4
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2 Schloss Cmt4


Germany andy Germany Anni Russia Billy_The_Kid Netherlands Blixem Russia Bulat Sweden Conan Finland Creature
Europe Derpiel Russia devil Portugal diehuman Finland Diki Poland Doomie Sweden Eikooren Poland Er
Sweden fgh Czech Republic Flamer Finland FU-kip Russia gLAd Poland Goniec Poland goorol Russia gor
United Kingdom gore Sweden Greco Portugal hammer Great Britain Hangtime Poland Insane Ireland john_rambo United States kiln
France Klice Germany Knasty Norway Link Ireland Lordlame Russia Max Power Sweden mm Great Britain Nautilus
United States Nico Ukraine Nidweyr Norway Nigve Russia Nlk Norway ocoini Netherlands Ostx Germany pattah
Norway PreMortem Russia Quake Sweden raket Germany rghst Poland Riki Great Britain Sae Poland Samon
Sweden Shaka Sweden Skurk Ireland Spliffy Norway Stalkerrh France Tet Poland Tjall Poland Tom
Hungary Toma Sweden tumult Great Britain Turbo Denmark Valde Netherlands Wimpeeh Denmark Zalon Sweden xero
Russia Zepp


Division Rotfish Spawn Enforcer Shambler Fiend Zombie Ogre
Div 1 Finland Creature Norway Nigve Netherlands Blixem Sweden raket Netherlands Wimpeeh Great Britain Hangtime Finland Diki
Ireland Lordlame Sweden Greco Russia gLAd Great Britain Sae Poland Er Sweden mm Sweden Shaka
Poland Insane Sweden xero Russia Max Power Russia gor Poland Tom Russia Billy_The_Kid United Kingdom gore
Sweden Eikooren Sweden Conan Russia Zepp Russia Bulat Poland Goniec Ukraine Nidweyr Finland FU-kip
Div 2 France Klice Poland Riki Ireland john_rambo Poland Samon Poland goorol Sweden tumult Norway Link
Norway ocoini Czech Republic Flamer Germany rghst Russia Nlk Ireland Spliffy Sweden fgh Sweden Skurk
France Tet Poland Tjall Russia Quake Germany Anni Great Britain Turbo Germany Knasty Germany andy
Great Britain Nautilus Hungary Toma United States Nico United States kiln Poland Doomie Denmark Zalon Norway PreMortem
Netherlands Ostx Norway Stalkerrh Russia devil Denmark Valde Germany pattah Portugal diehuman Norway Derpiel