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[e][h]GetQuad! 4on4 Draft
League Information
France John, Norway Link, Norway ocoini
Prize pool:
Fame & Glory

Quakeworld GetQuad! Draft is a 4on4 deatmatch tournament where divisions and teams are based on skill.

For previous drafts, see Salvation Draft League.

What is a draft?

The word «draft» comes from the US pro sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) and means that each team gets to pick players, in turns. This system was made so that all teams got the chance to make «equal teams». The opposite of this is the typical european sports (especially soccer), where money very much decides the skill level of the teams.

Season Winners

Edition Year Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
Season 5 2021 TBD
Season 4 2020 Sweden Shambler
Raket, Sae, gor, Bulat
Norway Ogre: Daze
Link, Skurk, andy, Premortem
Season 3 2020 Finland Milton's Mutants
Milton, ok98, raket, mazer
Poland Hard Guns Crew
insane, riki, tom, tiaido, Billy The Kid
Season 2 2019 Sweden Bps Boogeymen
bps, mm, ok98, kip, Flintheart
Norway Links Lunatics
Link, cosmos, fgh, Nautilus, Billy The Kid
Season 1 2019 Finland Milton's Mutants
Milton, HENU, gore, circle, hell
Ireland Lordlame's Legends
lordlame, sae, HangTime, nas, dago
Denmark Zalon's Zombies
Zalon, wakecold, skurk, Turbo, skinner

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